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Infographics & Data Visulization

Everyone is talking about big data, analytics and the insight they bring to companies and consumers. An infographic is simply a visual representation of that information. If you are looking to create an infographic for your company, here are a few tips to make sure that the design presents your data quickly and clearly.

1. Determine how the graphic will be used
When it comes to the design, determining the method of distribution is the first step. Will the infographic be sent digitally in an email, used on your website or printed in a brochure? Realistically it will probably be used several ways and determining the ways it will be used is essential because it gives you parameters on how much space you will have. A common mistake I see clients make is trying to squeeze too much information into an infographic which can make it crowded and diminish its impact. Remember the idea is to communicate your information quickly and clearly. Which leads me to the next step…

2. Collect your content
As you collect the data and information you want included be mindful of the overall goal of your infographic. What key points are you trying to communicate and what is essential to get your point across. Try to keep descriptions and supporting information brief. The purpose of the infographic is to deliver small digestible bites of information to your audience. It’s not a brochure or a report so drill down to what is absolutely necessary to communicate your point.

3. Prioritize
It can be a good idea to provide your designer with more information that you really need for your graphic but you’ll need to communicate what is a priority and what is not. That gives the designer some flexibility to fill in holes or extra space but helps them understand which pieces of data should pop out to readers. Hierarchy is key in any design but especially an infographic.

4. Design away
As I said earlier, hierarchy is key. There are probably several key messages that you really want to stand out to your audience. These should stand out in the design and also should serve to draw the viewer into the graphic to continue to explore the other data being presented. Infographics should complement your companies brand by using consistent color palettes and typography. Combine illustrations, icons and photography to diversify layouts and create an interesting overall layout.

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Infographics and Data Visualization

Infographics and Data Visualization

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